First ChurchFirst United Methodist Church

of Shamrock, Texas

December 31, 2014

Rev. Jarrod Neal, Pastor

Kathy Marak, Secretary

Operation Christmas Child Report

Saint Stephen UMC in Amarillo is the area collection center for the Texas panhandle. They received 15,982 shoeboxes this year!

OCC Table at Drop-off Center

That's 1,229 more than last year. Hallelujah! And we certainly contributed to the increase! Thank you once again.

Michelle Moore

Meetings on Sunday, January 11:

PPRC at 11:30 AM

Church Council at 4:00 PM

Fund accounts have been set up for the MALONE family

at both banks in Shamrock and at Wheeler UMC. They lost their home and belongings in a house fire early on Wednesday morning, Dec. 31.

January Birthdays

Bishop's Blog

I have learned a lot as a bishop of the church. I have visited many of your churches and I have heard some of the concerns of the people called Methodists. My hope and prayer is that we in the New Mexico and Northwest Texas Conferences will not let one issue divide us or distract us from the mission of the church. Our congregations are striving to fulfill the mission of the church and are working to enable their outreach to be relevant, passionate, and life–changing in their communities. I hope that we would stay focused on the mission.

However, the one issue that seems to be on the minds of many people at the moment is human sexuality. This letter comes in response to the statement many of you may have received this week from the Council of Bishops, which states:

As bishops of The United Methodist Church, our hearts break because of the divisions that exist within the church. We have been in constant prayer and conversation and affirm our consecration vow "to guard the faith, to seek the unity and to exercise the discipline of the whole church." We recognize that we are one church in a variety of contexts around the world and that bishops and the church are not of one mind about human sexuality. Despite our differences, we are united in our commitment to be in ministry for and with all people. We are also united in our resolve to lead the church together to fulfill its mandate—to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. As we do so, we call on all United Methodists to pray for us and for one another.

Please know that this is a true statement concerning where the Council stands as a whole on the matter of human sexuality and not a position statement with regard to the issue. The Council of Bishops is made up of active and retired bishops from around the world. Each

Episcopal Area is very different. In other words, one statement will not satisfy the needs and concerns of all the diverse areas where The United Methodist Church exists in the world. Thus, I wanted to speak directly to the churches in our conferences concerning the matter.

Please be aware of external groups working to try and influence the decision–making process of The United Methodist Church on this issue. These groups are autonomous and receive their support from those willing to donate directly to their specific causes; they are not official decision–making groups of the church and they are not supported by shared ministries. The only group that can speak for The United Methodist Church or change the position of the church on this matter is the General Conference, which meets once every four years. General Conference will be the decision making body that will officially determine the UMC's position on many issues in 2016 and beyond.

In the meantime, I would hope we would not be deterred by any external group wanting to influence the outcome prior to the church actually making a decision — let's keep focus on disciple–making. Those who choose to violate the Book of Disciple and those who choose to withhold financial support from the church, because of positions outside the bounds of the Book of Discipline, do harm to the church. My prayer is that we do no harm.

Finally, I would encourage us to not judge or condemn one another because of differences on this issue of human sexuality. I am of the opinion that nothing can separate us from the love of God made known through Jesus Christ. I look forward to addressing these issues as we work to accomplish our mission. Please continue to pray for the church and for its leadership!

In Christ's Name,

Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe


Tithes & Offerings

2014 Budget: $ 143,250.00

Needed Weekly: $ 2,754.80

Offering-week of Nov 30: $ 1,517.00

Offering-week of Dec 7: $ 5,465.00

Offering-week of Dec 14: $ 3,252.00

Offering-week of Dec 21: $ 1,074.00

Offering-week of Dec 31: $ 3,492.00


Total Received 2014 $ 158,790.31

Attendance for Nov 30

Sunday School: 17

Morning Worship: 27

Attendance for Dec 7

Sunday School: 18

Morning Worship: 29

Attendance for Dec 14

Sunday School: 19

Morning Worship: 32

Attendance for Dec 21

Sunday School: 14

Morning Worship: 23

Attendance for Dec 28

Sunday School: 15

Morning Worship: 40

Manger Scene Christmas Tree

We will UN-DECORATE our

church this Sunday,

January 4

beginning at 1:00 pm.


Ongoing Concerns

Linda Allison

J. G. Bachmann

Leoda Blacketter

Mickey Bradley

Claudia Christner

Brenda Cornett

Martha Cox

Brad Dalton

Kitty Dorn

Shirley Galmor

Joyce Gragg

Richard Kincannon

Noel McLemore

Marty & Lea Ann Malone

(house burned down)

Chancey Rae Miller

Sandra Morgan

Darrell Nelson

Betty Reneau

Diane Gragg Reynolds

J. R. Vinyard

MaryGail Wilson

Ginger Younger

Military Personnel

SGT J. Egner

SPC Brad Guzman

SPC J. Scheideger

Veterans, military & families


Dr. William Doebele

Christine Marett

Assisted Living

Irene Barth


National, state, county

& local leaders

School leaders, teachers

& students

Firefighters & police


the Brabons

the Urys

Myrna McGlothlin

Jerri & Bill Savuto

  Thank God for

  His Blessings!


Sunday, January 4 - Epiphany Sunday

9:00 am-Coffee in Fellowship Hall

9:15 am-Nursery opens

9:30 am-Sunday School

10:30 am-Morning Worship

1:00 pm-Un-Decorate, including the Sanctuary

    And outside manger scene

Every Wednesday

6:30 pm-Bible Fellowship

Sunday, January 4

11:30 am-PPRC meets after Morning Worship

4:00 pm-Church Council meets

Tuesday, January 13

9:30 am-UMW Group

Thursday, January 15

6:30 am-UMM at Mitchell's

Monday, January 19

4:00 pm-UMW Unit - Hostess Group #3